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MAIA is a professional network of private investigators 
dedicated to the search and investigation of missing, lost and stolen animals.

Directory of Private Investigators Specializing in the Recovery of Missing Pets

MAIA was founded by a group of professional pet detectives.
These licensed private investigators and detectives are dedicated to fostering professionalism, ethics and standards of practice within the missing pet industry.

The Missing Animal Investigators of America (MAIA) is a private and independent resource made available to the public. The private investigators and pet detectives featured are Independent Contractors who work on an independent basis in different parts of the U.S. and Canada. MAIA, its Founders, participants or others who may participate or assist are released from all liability for damages or loss of any kind arising from the use or performance of said Independent Contractors or this web site. MAIA makes no representations, warranties and there are no guarantees either expressed or implied as to the success or results in the location and recovery of a missing animal. MAIA and/or its participants assume no responsibility for the services provided by the independent contractors featured.